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11 original tracks offering a delightfully demented blend of styles from Gypsy, to Americana, to the Avant Garde.




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Thu, Oct 27
Westville Pub
Asheville, NC

Fri, Oct 28
The Rookery
Macon, GA

Sat, Oct 29
Decatur, GA

Sun, Oct 30
Blind Tiger
Greensboro, NC

Mon, Oct 31
Tin Roof
Charleston, SC
Adams Family Halloween Dance Party w/ Dirty Bourbon River Show!

Wed, Nov 2
Charlotte, NC

Thu, Nov 3
House Show
Johnson City, TN

Fri, Nov 4
The Coup
Clarksville, TN

Sat, Nov 5
Huntsville, AL

Sun, Nov 6
Memphis TN

Wed, Nov 9
Checkpoint Charlie's
New Orleans, LA

Thu, Nov 10
The Celtic
Pascagoula, MS

Fri, Nov 11
The Squeaky Lizard
Ocean Springs, MS

Sat, Nov 12
Lafayette, LA

Sun, Nov 13
Super Happy Fun Land
Houston, TX

Wed, Nov 16
Baton Rouge, LA

Thu, Nov 17
Oz Music in store appearance
Tuscaloosa, AL

Thu, Nov 17
Tuscaloosa, AL

Fri, Nov 18
JJs Bohemia w/Blair Crimmins and the Hookers
Chattanooga, TN

Sat, Nov 19
Alley Cat
Carrollton, GA

Sun, Nov 20
Bottle Tree
Birmingham, AL

Fri, Nov 25
Tin Roof
Charleston, SC
w/Back City Woods

Sat, Nov 26
Savannah, GA
w/Crazy Man Crazy

Mon, Nov 28
Greenville, SC

Wed, Nov 30
The Garage
Winston-Salem, NC




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